Have a trading question and need professional help? Don’t understand how one of your charts works? Or maybe you have a deposit/withdrawal question. Whatever the reason, all clients run into questions, problems, and general curiosities about trading. Fortunately, ExpertOption has you covered regardless of what your individual needs are. Here is a quick guide of where you can find answers to your questions. Why do you need a guide? Well, because there are a bunch of different types of questions and ExpertOption has resources allocated specifically to get you on track and back to doing what you want — trading. If you have an issue, it is important to understand which area of expertise the answer will come from. ExpertOption has a plethora of resources including an extensive FAQ, online chat, educational/training pages and YouTube channel, email, personal analysts, and even direct phone calls on our hotline. So, we will outline what each resource is and how it can help you.